Mustache: 3 tips to eliminate or hide it

Mustache: 3 tips to eliminate or hide it

Mustache: 3 tips to eliminate or hide it
Mustache: 3 tips to eliminate or hide it

Whether it is thin or thicker, follow our 3 tips to hide it or get rid of it.

1 / The discoloration

Before taking the step of hair removal, think of fading first to treat your "mustache problem". His goal: to make your sleeping bag invisible. This solution is recommended for women with fine mustaches, not too long and fair skin. The fading is supposed to make the hairs almost white: they will be even more visible if the skin is matte.

Undeniable advantage: this technique is painless since the hair is not torn off! It is also fast and is easily done at home. Different kits are available in large areas: simply mix two tubes of cream in the container provided to obtain the bleaching paste. Then apply to the area: 3 minutes later, your mustache is hidden! Be careful, if the product acts in such a short time, it contains ammonia. Beware of sensitive skin! Prefer kits formulated without this chemical component: they take effect in about ten minutes. Like hair coloring, the mustache must be faded approximately every 3 weeks. Namely: these bleaching creams can be used for other areas than the face, such as forearms for example.

2 / The wax

Your down is thick and you want a flawless result? Opt instead for waxing. More radical, it is also more painful than discoloration. Where to do it? You have the choice ! You can go to a beauty parlor, in eyebrow bars or do it at home with cold wax strips. Quick, waxing is also cheap: count 5 to 10 euros institute and about 4 to 10 euros for 20 strips of cold wax. Like the waxing of the legs or the jersey, the hairs take on average 3 to 4 weeks to push back. After each hair removal, do not forget to apply a moisturizer to soothe your skin. To you the mouth zero defects for a long time!

How will the hairs grow back? Rest assured, in most cases, your hair regrowth in its original form. In addition, the hairs do not grow at the same time, because they have different cycles: the regrowth is more discreet.

Attention: razor and depilatory cream are proscribed! The hair is not torn off, but cut. Result: the regrowth is fast (2 to 4 days), thicker and sometimes appear small buttons. Their use on an area as sensitive as the face is strongly discouraged.

3 / The epilator manual face with springs

Another method to finish with your mustache: manual facial epilator springs. This small tool comes in the form of a long spring with two small handles at its ends. The principle is inspired by that of the hair removal offered by the institutes, but in a simpler way! Before use, do not forget to disinfect your skin and the manual epilator. Fold it, then place it on the edge of your mouth, then gently turn the handles inward. By tightening, the stitches of the spring will catch the hairs and tear them off.

But then, is it painful? No more than traditional wax. The hair being dislodged from the bulb, you will have a feeling of pain more or less strong: it all depends on your sensitivity! This object seems to have everything for him, even its price: 1 to 15 euros, depending on the brand.
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